“O” Level
 Year  2012  2013  2014  2015
 Pass Rate  96  97  98  100
 “A” Level
 Year  2012  2013  2014  2015
 Pass Rate  100  100  100  100

The academic sphere is one of the main important and indispensable dimensions of our school life. on that score we are proud to report that the school has been steadily progressing on an upward trend as is illustrated by the “O” Level analysis. “A” Level results have been steadfast at 100{8975ebf4ecccbcf49d49c94c0f47db09cb6e3482a6e762419885999c7e1bfbc0} for the past four years. We have been wining awards at District, Provincial and National levels. The school came out the best at “O” Level in 2015 in Mashonaland East. What further testimony of the beauty of hard work and tean work would one want? This is inspiring, mortivational and impressing by any standard. Work is like cloak work at St. Dominic’s. Teams are synergistic and outperform individuals acting alone. Well done ST. Dominic’s community.

Teachers Who Recieved Awards Over The Past 4 Years

We are very proud of these teachers, for their hard work and dedication to work. They are positioning the school so well in the minds of all stakeholders giving it the real brand image and value it deserves. St. Dominic’s features prominently and frequently on national rankings. this is a case in point. We thank them very much. We hope they will continue winning these prestigeous accolades and raising the school’s reputation.

Mr. Mutangara was crowned the best Mathematics teacher North of the Limpopo by Econet Wireless in 2008. He recieved prize money. Congradulations! this was excellent work indeed. Apreciated!